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Why Hire A Dissertation Coach

Nearly half of all dissertation students do not finish their PhD. Hiring a dissertation coach will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in tuition fees. The faster you finish, the faster you stop paying expensive tuition and the faster you start earning money at a higher rate.

There might not be good chemistry between you and your dissertation chair, but you are stuck with them and need to make progress.

There might be a communication breakdown with your dissertation chair who might be too busy getting published or swamped with work to give you the guidance and feedback that you need.

I will provide you with personalized accountability and support.

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Dr. Raei has consulted on strategic planning and 360° feedback; co-facilitated a workshop on trust; and facilitated several workshops on immunity to change as well as several gatherings, meetings, retreats, and team building exercises for a variety of clients.

Dr. Raei served as a board member and programming chair for the Pacific Northwest Organizational Development Network where he developed many new programs.

Prior to this, he worked in the marketing of dairy products in the Jordanian market for several years where he also led the ISO 9000 quality management system certification process. Additionally, he represented the dairy and food industries on several national standards committees (Jordan). Afterward, Mohammed represented several multinational, industrial goods companies in the Middle Eastern market.

His scholarship and practice focus on adaptive leadership, trust, complexity, adult constructive development, and Chinese culture. He has presented at several conferences including twice at the International Leadership Association conference